About Hsoar

About Hsoar Group

Hsoar headquarters lies in Ruian city, which is a beautiful place in east seashore of Zhejiang province. The predecessor of Hsoar Group started business in the year of 1993. In 2006, Hsoar Group Co., Ltd was founded. After vigorous efforts and hard working for 20 years, now, Hsoar Group involves three main fields, which are: intelligent manufacturing, automobile parts & components, environmental protection technology. The fixed assets of Hsoar Group has exceeded one billion RMB. And staff of Hsoar is more than 1000 person. In China, Hsoar have three main manufacturing bases, which are in Wenzhou, Anhui, Jiangxi. Now, Hsoar Group has become internationally competitive supplier and service provider, in the field of industrial robot, reducer, automobile parts & components, environmental protection technology product.

Hsoar Group persist in line of scientific and technological development. The project of annual producing 80,000 joint robots and reducers was listed in Key Industrial Projects of Zhejiang Province in 2013. During autumn of 2017, Hsoar Vector Cycloid Reducer (SD) passed a series of severe inspection and test. The reducer was released to market gloriously in the same year. Hsoar Group actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievement. In the year of 2016, Hsoar Group expropriated 16.9 acres and funded 650 million RMB to build a new manufacturing base. This base can produce 5000 joint robots (the first phase) and 1 million reducers annually. The new manufacturing base completed and put into use in second half of 2018. With comprehensively industrialization in the future, this project will alleviate the inadequate development of Chinese robot industry. And the project will help to support “machine substitution strategy” in China. Also, it will contribute Chinese high-end manufacturing industry to occupy the commanding height of world. In the next five years, in Hsoar Group, the output value of robot and reducer industry will be about 3.8 billion RMB. As for the robot and reducer industry, in Hsoar Group, the contribution rate of output value will be more than 75 per cent in the Group.

As a famous local company, Hsoar Group have higher aim and never forget our own aspiration. Hsoar Group always keep faith with patriotism feelings and responsibility spirits. The Group help boosting local economic development. And it also help revitalizing national industry. Nowadays, Hsoar Group has come out in front in tax-paying and annual output valve of local enterprises. Looking to the future, Hsoar Group adhere to the line of industrial diversification, high technology and intelligence producing. Hsoar Group strive to build world-class modern enterprise and to create Chinese national brand.




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