Principles & Advantages

Technical Principle

Technological Advantages of HSOAR SD Series Vector Double-Cycloid Ball Reducer

The high precision SD Series Vector Cycloidal Reducer is able to meet the demand of different industrial fields, even the demand of customers with high requirements.


Using movable gear transmission technology, steel balls are used to replace the traditional fixed gear teeth, through preloading and cycloid raceway to form a gap-less rolling mesh pair, to achieve zero backlash, high precision.


■No dead ends

Cycloidal motion trajectory, to achieve all-round operation without dead angle.


■Large hollow shaft

The extra-large hollow shaft is ideal for the cables, pipelines, various shafts to pass through the axis of rotation. This structure is suitable for applications such as timing belts, which effectively saves the space.


■High load

The output adopts cross-roller bearing (or double row angular contact bearing) , and all the steel balls are engaged in meshing transmission with high contact degree, with high bearing capacity and overload capacity.


■Low noise

Transmission Meshing Mechanism belongs to rolling contact mode, no impact, low operating noise.


■Wide ratios

Using differential transmission, the maximum speed ratio of the first stage can reach several hundred, through the corresponding combination, it can reach several thousand, covering a wide range of speed ratios.


■High efficiency

The steel ball and the cycloid raceway adopt rolling contact meshing, effectively reduces the friction resistance in operation, thus the transmission efficiency is high.


■Maintenance free

TThe reducer adopts a closed structure and is filled with high-viscosity, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, water-resistant, medium-resistant and anti-oxidant grease, which can effectively prevent oil leakage, and there is no need to supplement or replace grease during the life of the product.


■Easy installation

The installation posture has no limitation, and has more convenient design freedom.


■Long service life

The rolling friction transmission method is adopted to effectively reduce the temperature rise and wear during operation, and the design life is long.


■Wide applications

Can work with any motor through appropriate connection methods, to meet various demands and needs in different environments and locations.




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