Principles & Advantages

Technical Principle

HSOAR has developed high precision bearing reducer successfully and independently, to break through the botleneck of conventional gear technology. It adopts cycloid differential speed output and full contact transmission method, features highest precision, compact, small volume, light weight, also boasts high stiffness, high output torque, high motion efficiency, overload resistance, as well as long service life etc. combined advantages. It has been awarded dozens of international and domestic patents for both invention and utility.

High precision bearing reducer has now become world well known through years of overseas and domestic business development and has assisted successfully many robot brands in upgrading robotics and automation.

Excellent performance has passed International QA system standard many times.

Since hollow shaft reducer, planetary reducer, wheel hub reducer have implemented significant technological advantages, HSOAR has deployed successfully standard production lines on manufacturing.

● Zero Backlash

Using movable gear transmission technology, steel balls are used to replace the traditional fixed gear teeth, through preloading and cycloid raceway

to form a backlash-less rolling mesh pair, to achieve zero backlash, high precision.

● High Load

The output adopts crossed roller bearing (plane thrust bearing + cylindrical roller bearing) , and all the steel balls are engaged in meshing transmission

with high contact degree, with high bearing capacity and overload capacity

● Low Noise

Transmission Meshing Mechanism belongs to rolling contact mode, no clash and impact, low operating noise.

● Wide Ratios

Adopt differential speed transmission method, can realize wide ratio range of 6~2000, large speed ratio structure can achieve the same volume width

as small speed ratio.

● High Efficiency

The steel ball and the cycloid raceway adopt rolling contact meshing, effectively reduces the friction resistance in operation, thus the transmission

efficiency is high.

● Long Service Life

The rolling friction transmission method is applied to effectively reduce the temperature rise and wear during operation, and the design life is long.





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