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Technical Principle

Principle of Vector Cycloid Reducer

Reducer is a relatively precision machinery, which can be used to reduce rotating speed and increase torque. Generally speaking, gear of less teeth, which is in input shaft side of reducer, meshes with gear of more teeth, which is in output shaft side of reducer. In that way, the power with high-speed rotation can reduce its rotating speed. At the same time, torque in output side can be increased. Nevertheless, the Vector Cycloid Reducer, which is independently R&D by Hsoar Group, does not use gear as transmission component. It use steel balls, which are installed in rolling ball groove, as transmission component. Also, the Hsoar reducer uses eccentric shaft (in input shaft side) as trajectory generator. Then, the eccentric motion in the input side passes differential transmission. So, as a result, speed reducing can be realized in the output side of Hsoar reducer.

By using cross-slide block as driving plate, which can reach zero back-lash, the transmission efficiency and service life of the reducer can be increased. Also, we use cycloid groove and installed steel balls as transmission component. Then, the transmission accuracy and transmission efficiency of the reducer can be increased. As a result, absolute cycloid can be achieved. And all the performance indicators of the reducer can reach international first-class level. The advent of Hsoar Vector Cycloid Reducer (SD) is a technological revolutionary event, which over-turns old gear reducing technology in hundred years. The event has epoch-making significance.





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