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HS-MW McNamham Wheel

Widely used in 3C electronics, light industry, food and pharmaceutical industries, can achieve high-speed grasp, classification, sorting and packaging operations. High precision, high rigidity, large load, large hollow, stable start and stop.

Product Details

Technical Advantages

Integrate with HSOAR Vector Double Cycloid Ball Reducer patented product with unique compactness, high rigidity, high precision, impact resistance, etc., to achieve the most compact effect ever, and it has a wide range of selectable transmission ratios and can be flexible.

Industrial quality, all wheel modules are designed and manufactured in accordance with standardization and batching; quality is guaranteed, and consistency is good.

The wheel adopts imported brand aluminum alloy with low-pressure casting molding. The wheel as a whole is inspected by radiography. It has high strength, good rigidity, reliability and durability, and maximizes the mechanical properties of the material.

The hub is integrally formed by a five-axis machining center to ensure excellent product accuracy. At the same time, the hub screw hole is embedded with a stainless steel self-tapping screw sleeve to ensure reliable load and avoid the worry of thread sliding.

The roller adopts imported polyurethane material and advanced vacuum integrated molding and rubber coating process, which has stronger bearing capacity, adhesion and durability, and does not damage the ground.

The installation and maintenance costs are extremely low, and the small roller design adopts a structure that facilitates quick disassembly and can be quickly disassembled without removing the entire wheel.

The roller bearings are intelligently matched to the corresponding rolling bearings or advanced self-lubricating bearings according to different loads, which are well reflected in smoothness, reliability and quietness.

The module's motor is equipped with a flange or bracket to support various suspension damping mechanisms commonly used and reserves a variety of interfaces.

Each Mecanum wheel hub drive module has undergone strict reliability and durability tests before leaving the factory to ensure a durable life of 100,000 kilometers.

The entire module product can be flexibly selected, with optional motors, flanges and brackets, without a motor or changing the motor brand.

If necessary, you can also customize the required modules according to your own requirements.

No motor, reducer, flange/bracket marks


Marked with reducer, flange/bracket


The performance parameters




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