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Good News! ! HSOAR provided precision wheel hub reducer to HIMEN on its 200 ton servo motor control full direction wireless intelligent jacking equipment !

It's a very high-requirement situation, the remote controlled jacking vehicle needs to be precisely positioned because afterward, the jack needs to handle 200T of force. The client is using our precision reducer to (1) maximize the structural space of their jacking vehicle to handle 200T, and (2) to precisely position their jacking vehicle so that it can safely lift the load.

if the client used a more tradition steering system or components, they probably wouldn't be able to design such a low-height, compact, and strong jacking vehicle, because they would seriously have to fight with the physical size and position of the components. But our specialized solution allows them to focus on the structure of the jacking vehicle, the height, and the lowering mechanism, without causing any problems. And our reducer is robust enough to handle the load of the jacking vehicle, as I guess the remote controlled vehicle itself weighs 2T. (1T actual)

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