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Gearbox is Important to Industry

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Gearboxes have been extensively used in various electromechanical equipment and are one of the most vulnerable parts. Being an important component in machinery, any gearbox problem not only creates operational issues for the machinery but security issues are also concerned with it. 

The structure of a gearbox is very complex, Therefore, under harsh working conditions chances of failure are high.

A problem in any of the components of the gearbox may cause the failure of the whole machinery in which the gearbox is installed. Any such failure of the machinery may result in increased breakdown time, huge production loss, and increased maintennace costs.

HSOAR Precision cycloidal reducer is the recommended gearbox that provides the outstandingly excellent accuracy and repeatability, through its Full-contact, All-involve simple steel-ball-rolling cycloid mechanism.

This zero backlash structure achieves perfect precision, keeps strong stiffness, shows longer stable service life, esp. suitable for high precision robotic and automation areas.

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